Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The Number 6

I have given up on trying to get pictures of some things I have made - on my body. I have gone for the 'hanger shot' instead. They probably look better on the hanger anyway.

First up is a dress that I made earlier this year to go out for dinner for my 10th wedding anniversary. Pattern is McCall's 5622 - looks like it is now out of print. I wasn't sure which version to go with when I bought the fabric from The Fabric Store. When I finally placed the pattern pieces down, I realised that I wouldn't have enough fabric for Version C. I headed back to the store to find the fabric sold out - argh!

So I went for Version B adding a black band at the bottom. I was happy enough with the result, but as with most things I sew, it was too big around the neckline. I managed to hide a couple of little pleats in the gathered neckline. Also, this dress hangs very wide. I probably would have taken it in about 5cm on each side, had I not painstakingly handstitched the bottom border in place.

Now despite the fact that I didn't have enough fabric left for the bottom of the dress, I did have enough to make up a top the other day.

I first saw this pattern on Suzy's blog and although I am not pregnant, I still look like I could be, so figured this top could be good for summer.

I can see this pattern being one that I use again and again. I loved the result. Now for the warmer Syndey weather to return so I can start to wear it....

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Anonymous said...

That dress looked gorgeous on. You are very clever missy! Renae :-)