Saturday, 28 July 2007

Japanese Goodies

We went off to Kirribilli Markets this morning. We got off the train at Wynyard and walked across the bridge. It is a lovely day, but a little cold in the shade of the Harbour Bridge. By the time we got to the other side, James had stopped protesting about being in the backpack and was starting to get very comfortable - ready to fall asleep.

We had a look around and then stopped by Corrie's stall with her friends. Definitely the best stall there, and very popular too. James took a liking to one of the bags for sale there so we bought it, and he carried it around all morning.

I also picked up my Japanese goodies from Corrie. Take a look at her new shop Retro Mummy.

Pictured below are the books and fabric and cute apple cotton tape from Retro Mummy and the bag from Claudine - she had MANY lovely bags there...I could have bought a few.

And two of my favourite projects from one of the books.

And finally, another picture of James from last weekend at the Aroma festival at The Rocks in Sydney. We found the supplier of the best hot chocolate in Sydney - just like being in Italy! We ALL liked it. If anyone is in the area, come over for a cup!

Saturday, 21 July 2007

More Fabric.....

Well, I just can't help myself.....

The Signature Prints sale was on again today and I had the luxury of going alone! I managed to pick up 2m of a black print, and 40cm of a 'grey' bamboo print. And two pieces of wallpaper. All for $136....bargain (isn't it???).

Then I trotted off to Tessuti for some silk fabrics for my major millinery piece (a bridal piece with tulle veil). Well my eye was drawn to the 'clearance' table in the centre of the room that had the most beautiful cream fake fur on it for 50% off (pictured in the background of the photo).....I just couldn't leave it there (despite the fact that it cost more than all my millinery fabric put together).

And just to show off my husbands fantastic drawing abilities, I am going to post two pieces that he has completed. The BEST (in my opinion) is a picture of "David" that he copied from a postcard that we bought in Florence when we were there. I think he did a brillant job. And then there are just 2 cards that he completed last week for a friends twin boys for their 2nd birthday. James was distraught when we had to hand them over! I really wish he could spend more time drawing as I think he is fantastic at it.

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

OK, well it isn't really a birthday post, but I am going to post the pictures of the quilt that my Mum completed and presented to me for my 30th Birthday.

I bought the fabric for this quilt a few years back, with the intention of making a quilt up for our bed. I knew exactly what I wanted, just never got around to getting very far with it. I stumbled across the fabric about a year ago and decided to give it to Mum to work on in her quilting class (hey, she didn't have to pay for the fabric!!).

It took the whole year (she doesn't get too much time to work on her quilting), but it is now complete!!! I really love it. It is nothing fancy, but I think that the highlight fabric makes it special for me. In the end it became a large single bed quilt.....perfect to drape over a spare bed, or keep near our lounge (the colours work really well with the lounge).

Sorry for the average photos......the sun was a bit crazy that day.

And for something a little different.... While I was looking through the photos on the computer, I came across our photos from Europe in December 2004 (3 months pregnant with James). I will just post a few, because I can.....
All were taken in Paris. The photos that we have of this trip are very precious to us.......because Alex lost one of our Memory Cards (with 600 photos on it) at the end of our trip. We only have photos from the last 2 weeks of the 5 week trip (so so sad).