Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Sew it Together - hmm, not much sewing really....

I was lucky enough to spend Saturday with all the girls at Sew It Together. I missed out last year as we were in Hong Kong for the weekend that it was held, so I really didn't know what to expect.

Saturday morning was spent at the Menzies Hotel 'sewing'..... actually, I didn't get much sewing done. I did do a lot of talking, eating, talking, and admiring of others projects. I was so pleased to catch up with Cass, Ingrid and Christy again. I was just as pleased to finally meet Karen, Helen and Kylie (who I have known online for a long time). And lets not forget all the new friends like Rachel, who I managed to see again on Monday at Spotlight (of course).

I participated in a Hand Pieced Quilting session with Kathy from Material Obsession in the afternoon (by which stage I was exhausted) which was fun.

I came home with a massive haul of swap items, giveaways, freebies, and purchases......

There is only one thing missing from the big picture, and that is an Owl Kit that I chose as a prize, donated my Claire from Craft Schmaft..... which has already been made up and claimed by James (yes he is 5.5 but he still loves softies).

The item I made for the swap was a 'necklace' - not really sure what to call it.....

Since it is now time for school pick up, I will have to leave it there for now. Will be back with a more detailed post of the stash I came home with and DINNER.....

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Moving on....

I am trying really hard not to let external factors get me down, but they do. The natural events that have occurred over the last few months seem to stop me in my boots at times. Before I know it, a week has passed without having achieved much at all. Then when I do achieve something crafty, there are just set backs which make me doubt what I have done (is it all worth the effort??).

Anyway, I think everything has been cleared up now.... goods received, money paid, and apart from the small earthquake which apparently just hit Wellington (where my husband is due to head later this year for the Rugby World Cup) I think I am ready to move on again.

I am heading to the Sew It Together meet this month, and joined in with the Name Tag Swap. Name tag has now been received by the recipient, so I will post the picture of the name tag here.

I have also been settling in to my new 'life' as the Mum of a school student. I have actually felt like it has been a pretty big adjustment for me (James has had no trouble settling in). My day is cut so short, with drop off, pick up and a toddler sleep in between. So much for all the sewing time I thought I was going to have, lol.

I think he is up to 7 merit certificates, an SRC award for 'Respect' (of all things) and he was elected SRC rep for his Kindy class. On top of that he has had a great transition - 5.5 years of torturing us has finally paid off.

And for good measure, my gorgeous, but very clingy (said with gritted teeth) Layla.