Friday, 19 November 2010

Christmas Present Sewing

Since my niece is off to school next year, I thought I would make her a party dress as a Christmas present (for all those birthday parties I hear Kindy kids go to) rather than buy a toy that she will be much to busy to use.

I used the Kyoko pattern again. It really is very easy to sew up. I am a 'slow/particular' sewer. I am not into rushing a project. But this dress only took me a day to cut and sew - obviously I am not sewing all day, just when the kids are in bed. So it is a pretty quick sew really.

Since my sister won't visit this blog, I will post a picture now (on the hanger) and hopefully a get an action shot after Christmas.

He Who Shouts the Loudest.....

Since Layla doesn't know any better (yet) she tends to miss out on getting new things at times. As much as I do sew for her, if James wants something sewn for him, he wants it now! So Layla tends to get the 2nd version of things I make (sometimes a few months later).

In this case, James saw me preparing the Christmas Stockings and wanted the first version....... so here it is......

Not too happy with how the fabric shows through in this picture. It is not as bad in real life though, so I think I will live with it.

Off to work on Layla's stocking now.... after all, I don't have a few months to complete this version.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


A few weeks back, I entered a giveaway from Flowerpress - never expecting to win! This is what I received in the mail......

A teatowel and a piece of fabric (surely that will end up in a garment for Layla). I am loving all the lovely printed teatowels around these days. It is a much needed splash of colour in our black and white kitchen.

Thank you Susie!

Monday, 8 November 2010

Sydney sees Summer.....

Well, it seems it was a short lived excitement, as the clouds are rolling in now. But this morning we woke up to a very warm day. After James' dance class, I thought it might be time to bring out the Slip and Slide we bought earlier this year. The kids had a ball. Until the fights started over the mini-boogie board. At this stage Layla ran inside into her bedroom and was madly trying to get the cushion that Cass made for her when she was born (it was in her cot)..... she seemed to think it would make a good alternative to the boogie board. Hmm, no.

Monday, 1 November 2010

And the Stash-buster Giveaway Winner is......

Congratulations Karen!! I don't think I have your address, so I will be in contact to get it from you!!