Thursday, 12 March 2009

Thank you!!!

I have been quite bad with blogging baby and all that. But I have to come in to say a belated thank you to some very lovely girls from my EB sewing group (haven't been posting in there much lately either...)

Firstly, a big thanks to Joy for the lovely dress and hat she made for Layla... so gorgeous!

Then the lovely Cass made a rabbit and a Peter Rabbit cushion for Layla.....which goes perfectly with her Peter Rabbit quilt that my Mum made for her. Layla isn't a baby that likes to just lay in her cot, but this cushion really keeps her interest.

We also received a gorgeous little dress from Novy, I can't wait until she fits into it . It is just so cute!

And last but not least, the beautiful wall letters made especially by Lisa

Thank you all so much girls, they are such lovely gifts!


Andrea said...

Hi Belinda, it was great to see your blog in bold on bloglines. I have been wondering how you have been going with your gorgeous girl. She must be getting big now.

Cass said...

Belinda great to see you back in the world of blogs. I was just saying to Corrie we need another catch up, after Easter hopefully

Belinda said...

Sorry for the delay girls, I just don't seem to have a way to update my blog quickly. I think I am just a little slow on the computer, which means I put off updating

Austy's Mum said...

Oh my, that pic just shows me what a giant baby Madelyn is!!! She outgrew the same dress I made her (in pink fabric though) weeks ago and I didn't get a good pic of it like you have done with Layla. So gald you got a better length of wear out of it than I did with Maddy's. Thanks for posting the pic - she looks so cute in it, and it is always rewarding seeing something you have made on the recipient.