Thursday, 10 July 2008

Another Year....

I recently celebrated my birthday, argh, another year gone.

Last year Alex went all out and bought me a new sewing machine. I wasn't very happy with him as he spent way too much money on a very particular purchase (I am sounding soooo ungrateful now....)

I have always tried to make him realise that I don't need a lot of money spent on gifts...they just need to be the 'right' gifts, haha.

Well this year he did REALLY well. He stopped off at Newtown on his way home from work one night and bought me a great little felted pouch,

a softies kit,

some fabulous seats to an upcoming Whitlams concert

and a brilliant card (that I can't stop talking about).

I was so excited my these presents. He made my day! Thanks Alex!!

James the Builder???

James was dressed as Bob the Builder for a recent character day at daycare. Thank you EB Sewing Girls for your suggestions!!!

I went with Bob, as I realised it required the least amount of effort from me, haha.I made a 'tool belt'. James was very happy with it indeed.

Play Rug for Baby

Well, I bought the charm squares for this quilt a while back from I was going to make a little dolls quilt for my niece. But when I saw it made up I couldn't part with the quilt. It has been moved to the drawer containing little girl baby clothes in anticipation of my next ultrasound (a week away) to find out what the sex of the baby is. If it is another little boy, I will have a few little presents to pass on to any girls that are born in the near future....