Wednesday, 19 December 2007

My Swap Present to Michelle

I just thought I would pop in and post a picture of the swap present that I made for Michelle (Toffle). I actually only took a picture of bag though, as the apron was hard to photograph.

I am now half way through making another 5 of these bags as it was such a hit when I showed my friends. Two went off to friends today, and I have 3 left to for my sister-in-law for Christmas and one for my sister for Christmas - and one for me (just because I couldn't miss out). The past week and a half since the market has also seen me make 13 pencil rolls; 5 appliqued singlets; 4 appliqued t-shirts.......and I am still going!!!

So if I haven't been around much lately, it is only because I am busy. In fact, I haven't done the ironing in probably 6 weeks now (I am so embarrassed), and I have barely cooked. Not sure if it is really worth it in the end, but I guess I am enjoying it to a certain extent.

Thursday, 13 December 2007

EB Christmas Swap

Once again I have participated in the EB Christmas Sewing Swap. I sent a parcel to Toffle, but I don't think she has opened it yet, so I won't post a picture of what I made for her yet.

And I received a lovely gift from Ingrid. Thank you so much Ingrid.

I received some Christmas and other 'boy' printed fabric, a CD wallet and Christmas CD, a Dr Suess book for James and blog of Greens Dark Chocolate (how did you know I loved dark Chocolate Ingrid??)

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

To Market, To Market....

Gee, I wish I could get that song out of my head - unfortunately it is one of James' favourites.

Tanya and I were invited to have a stall at a small "Carport Christmas Sale" on the weekend. For weeks we have been 'building up stock', as this was our first ever market stall.

It only went for 3 hours but it went really well. We both sold stock and came away with orders. It was something that we both enjoyed and I know that we will do it again.

I was also really excited that a blogger (whose blog I read) was there - Cheeky Beaks

Saturday, 8 December 2007


I have been meaning to post about this treasure of a place for some time now, but also slightly reluctant, as I kind of don't want everyone to know about it. But since it is really only my sewing buddies reading the blog, I think I can risk it.

There is a little chocolate shop that I read about in our local paper a few months back which is just out of this world. It is set up just like a little French cafe and everything about it just works...the food, the chocolate, the music, the furnishing, the is all perfect.

They supply chocolates to David Jones and the cafe side of things is just an aside for them. I guess I should tell you the name now.... Blackamoor Confections

If you are ever in the area, please let me know and I will meet you there for cake and chocolate....

On Saturdays they also sell bagettes, brioche (the only brioche I have tasted outside of France that tastes 'French'), beautiful fresh flowers. I could take about this place for days. Instead I will just show you a picture of the chocolates that we took away last week (I visited with my Mum and Oma). Can you believe the noodle bowl??? The whole thing is edible and filled with Prunes and Port.