Monday, 4 August 2008

Bledisloe Cup

Let's forget the most recent game held in NZ.....

I will just say that we had a great night at the Sydney game LAST week. It was James' first time to see the Wallabies play. Leading up to the game James asked "Who is playing?" and I told him "The Wallabies and the All Blacks".
He told me he hadn't see the All Blacks before, and I pointed out that he actullay hasn't see the Wallabies either. To which he replied, "Yes I have". When I asked where, he told me he had seen them at the zoo!!! Silly Mummy!!

Anyway, he had a good time and lasted until the end of the game.

A Day Out with Dad

Alex took the day off from work today and we made it down to Cronulla for some lunch and a little walk.

Today we ventured onto the sand looking for shells. It was simple, but lovely.