Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Lunar Eclipse

Just thought I would pop a picture in that Alex took last night of the eclipse.

Sunday, 19 August 2007

A Dress to Wear...but Where???

I don't know where I will wear this dress. But I am really pleased with myself for finishing it. It took me about a day of work to sew it up.....on my new Singer machine with walking foot. Oh, I love that walking foot...I can see it getting lots of use.
I used Simplicity 4072. I bought it earlier this year, but it took me until now to find fabric that I liked enough to use with it.
Anyway, my first completed sewing project with spandex.

And another photo of James.... We had a grevillea tree fall over during the big storms that Sydney experienced in May/June this year. We have a lovely little bush ready to put in its place, but while digging out the hole for it, we have found some more of the roots from the grevillea. So it has become a little digging ground for James until we can get an axe to chop out the roots.

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Keep it? Or give as a gift?

Well, I have been sewing for once. I am very happy that I have completed a project, rather than just thinking about it, and wishing it would 'make itself'.

I used one of the books that I got from Corrie and choose one of my Florence Broadhurst fabrics to make large shoulder bag. I added a little mobile pocket and another pocket on the inside (as I am always losing my mobile and keys in big bags). It took me a little time, as I was trying to 'read' the Japanese instructions (no, I don't understand any Japanese). But I finished it last night in record time (considering). I will definitely make more, as I really love the style. However, I may have to choose a different fabric, as the Florence Broadhurst fabric meant that materials alone were close to $40. Not cheap, but I love it anyway.

Not sure if I will keep it, or give it to my sister for her birthday next is OK, I don't think she knows about this blog.