Friday, 8 October 2010

Couch to 5K

Catching up with friends on the weekend, I was amazed to see how good our friend looked. She had twin boys last year, and is looking fantastic now - the best we have seen her in the 8 years we have known her. Turns out she has been running.

Personally I have had a gym membership for over a year now and barely used it. But we have our own treadmill so thought, that is it, time to get on the treadmill. I was actually worried that I might have a heart attack the first time I tried to run. Seriously.

Anyway, I had the Couch to 5K app on my iPhone, so thought I may as well use it. It basically involves working though a program which slowly build you up to being able to run.

I survived Day 1 of the program, and actually felt quite good. I have now survived Day 2. Honestly I am surprised I am not dead, I am really unfit.

Layla on the other hand..... well she is fine, but she came so close to being one of those horrible new stories about children getting injured on the treadmill. She came into the room (she had been next door at my mother-in-laws house) when I was finishing my last minute of the program and was actually touching the mat as I continued to walk. When I realised she was there I freaked out, stopped the machine, she cried..... out of fear. Thank goodness she was not hurt. So there you go.... a warning to you all. And an admission that I truly am a bad mother.


Lisa said...

I keep telling people exercise is dangerous :-)

I was going to start this... the month I got pregnant. Now I'll just watch you accomplish it! Good luck..

Anonymous said...

Good girl, running is the best. I did a 1.5 hour session in the bush this morning. Exercise will make you feel so alive. Now if only we could conquer the food we'd be set!!! Renae :-)

Andrea said...

You go Belinda! It is always the hardest to get started, but you have done that now and you will start to notice the difference pretty quickly and that will keep you motivated. Theyu say running is the best. Unfortuately when I started running and really getting into it something went wrong in my foot :( I am pretty keen to get back into it though, jsut have to wait for this rain to stop!