Sunday, 10 October 2010

Catch-up Day 9

Well, I am late with Day 9 post. Yesterday involved a 1st birthday party for a friends little girl, which I made a double batch of cupcakes for. And then rushing home to drop off the family before heading to our closest 'big' shopping centre to quickly buy some pants that I could wear out to a pub/dinner thing last night.

I wore the new pants with this top.

And I actually got complimented on the top by a girl who had lived in London and "Had a top with the exact same print - slightly different shape, but the same print". She had bought her top from a very exclusive French shop in London (on sale) and had worn it for years before getting a stain on it recently. She was wanting to replace the top I believe. Then I got asked "Where did you get it from?" Don't you love when you can say "I made it!"


Lauren said...

looks like you just got yourself a customer! lovely print! happy blogtoberfest!

I should be sleeping said...

Cute top :) it is very cool to be able to say 'i made it'.