Monday, 11 October 2010

A Lovely Afternoon in the City

Now there are no pictures for this post. Sorry. But I just had to share that I was lucky enough to meet up with Novy today as she is visiting Sydney. I was lucky enough to just have to take one child in with me (my husband had the day off work so baby was left at home). James and I caught the train into the city. Met up with my sister as she happened to be on her lunch break as we arrived in the city. And then got to meet up with Novy and her two kids.

After knowing each other online for about 4 years, it was so great so be able to meet in person. Conversation was easy, and the kids got on like a house on fire. Seriously, anyone would think they had known each other for years.

We did manage a trip to Kinokuniya, and of course I never walk away from there empty-handed.

James really did not stop talking all the way into the city, and all the way home, and didn't really stop in the city. When I commented to him "You really do talk a lot don't you!" He said, "Well that is how kids learn things, by asking lots of questions". I guess I just need to develop more patience, because he is right.... he is just trying to learn.


Andrea said...

Oh how lovely for you and Novy to meet, it sounds like you had a wonderful afternoon. And, yes, James is right unfortunately!

Cass said...

I'm so disappointed I missed it. I seriously considered chucking a sickie but it was first day of term.

Little Munchkins said...

We had a wonderful time too Belinda, and it was great to finally meet you.

Cass, I wish you had chucked a sickie! I would have loved to see you again.

Karen said...

She's a great chick isn't she!
Maybe one day we'll have a big Melb/Sydney catch-up - maybe a weekend in Canberra!
I'll drive Novy!