Wednesday, 13 September 2006

A present for Christian

One of the girls from our Mothers Group is moving to Perth with her partner and their 'baby' Christian. So all the parents are going out for dinner tomorrow night to say goodbye. I thought I should make a little going away present for Christian.
I used my goldfish fabric!! I love it.
Don't look at the stitching! Does everyone who sews say that? Or is it just be being paranoid?


Andrea said...

Yes Belinda I think we all say that! The thing is we see what no one else sees!
Your sewing looks great and we can see it close up, nothing to worry about! You do have a cheeky husband shutting you down like that. Mine would too if he only knew how!
A lovely going away present well done!

Cass said...

Belinda, the tshirt looks great and yes I think we all say that about our sewing.
My partner threatened to confiscate the sewing machine if I kept sewing too late