Sunday, 17 September 2006

A Challenging Zipper!

Our first EB Sewing Group Challenge was "zippers", and what a challenge it was.

I have put in zippers in the past, but not for a long time. I decided to go with a fairly plain open zipper, and incorporate my fabric from Reprodepot and my iron-on clear vinyl. I made a little cosmetics case. Just what I needed!

Next time I will have to re-think the design though. The vinyl got creased when I was trying to turn it inside out - that is OK though, I don't mind the look. And next time, I will not cut the end off the zipper (the stopper) and then proceed to unzip the zipper completely!!! The zipper in the picture was acutally the 2nd zipper I used! Learn from my mistakes girls!!


Andrea said...

Great little case Belinda, the zip looks fantastic!

Cass said...

Belinda, well done, it looks great. Do you have to iron that vinyl on before you sew it or coudl you iron it on after? I found iti n SL the other day but was already spending too much money so I will get it soon.

Belinda said...

No Cass, I really have to iron it on before you sew. Otherwise the vinyl won't cover the whole would probably just sit at the edges. Did you say that you saw it on a roll? I will have to look out for it on a roll next time.

Cass said...

Belinda, yes I assume it was the same stuff but on a roll about $16/metre I think. I couldn't see the packet. I am going to give it a try as I want to make some bibs for #2 and thought I could cover them in this.