Friday, 4 January 2008


I thought I had better get some of the things I had been working on before Christmas blogged, otherwise people wouldn't believe that I sew.

Firstly, I wanted to show a picture of the Christmas present that I bought for my sister Mel. She is studying to be a naturopath, so when I saw this pendent I thought it would be perfect for her.

So once I had the pendent, I was looking through my mountains of fabric and found the perfect fabric to make a bag to go with it!!!

And a bag for my Mum. She can't stop raving about it.....but then she does like to talk a lot normally, so maybe it doesn't mean much...

OK, I had better run....I have to pick James up from daycare.


Cass said...

Belinda great bags. I love the pendant too!

ingrid said...

If I was your mum I would be raving about it too. I LOVE it!

Leah said...

Great work there Belinda and your family looks so lovely.