Tuesday, 1 January 2008

New Year, New Haircut

Happy New Year to everyone. Not much happened around here last night.....although we could hear fireworks in the distance. Does that count?

Most of our friends have little kids now, so I am guessing that they were all at home like we were. Or were they all out, and we just weren't invited??

Anyway, Christmas was just like it always is...busy. I have mixed feelings about Christmas. I enjoy all the food and I love giving presents. But I hate the stress of the cooking and the stress that some people put themselves through to buy a perfect present. Most of all I hate being asked, "What do you want me to buy you for Christmas?" I also don't like being told, "If you haven't bought anything for me yet, you can get me....." Anyway, that is my little vent over for the year....well on the blog anyway.

Alex bought me a new little camera that I can keep in my bag. Our other camera takes great pictures, but is a little big to carry around all the time.
So let me present some pictures......

Firstly, my sister took a family picture of us.

The Chocolate Cream Berry Pavlova.....too, too good!!

And James with his new haircut. Despite sitting there while the hair was being cut, it was still quite a shock to see him with hair so short. He looks SO grown up now. All day yesterday and today, Alex and I have been looking over at him and just shaking our heads in disbelief....is that the same boy?


Cass said...

Belinda I love the new haircut. He does look so much bigger now

Helen said...

Ahhhh I hear you on the Christmas vent! I hate "So what do you want for Christmas?" 2 days before the day! I mean they have had 363 days to get something and are asking now???! *sigh* vent over! :)

sue said...

Oh he looks so cute with his new haircut. I love the family pic too.