Wednesday, 5 October 2011

My Little Man

My little man is a complex human. I struggle to understand him most of the time. He likes to dance, and sing, and be loud. He is outgoing and confident. And he is male. All the things that I am not, or at least he is everything I wasn't when I was a child (well I am definitely still not male). He is also smart.... sometimes too smart for his own good. He is 6 afterall.

One of his all time favourite movies is Mary Poppins. So we handed over the $$$ (well my Mum bought James his ticket) and off we went last week to see the musical in Sydney. Well it was over a week ago actually. And my goodness, we are still hearing about it.... almost all day every day. We wake up to him singing at the top of his voice.... Supercalifragilisticxpialidocious, Chim Chim Cheree etc etc. Then the days are filled with him trying to get his little sister to play Mary Poppins and Bert. So I just thought I would share a photo of him waiting for the train after the show.... reading the menu from Charlie & Co. Burgers of course.

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Karen said...

Oh Belinda that is THE most adorable photo - he's such a stylish little man - I love this pic.
I regret not taking our girls to the show, it's great when they love it so much they talk about and re-enact it days after.