Thursday, 6 October 2011

Gok Wan

I will start this by saying, I do not have Foxtel. I have never felt the need for it, and our 'budget' is stretched enough without adding another monthly bill. So all I knew of Gok was his ad's for Westfield. And he did seem quite serious on the ad's.

Now over the years I have managed to get tickets to see Carson Kressley and Trinny and Susannah at Westfield. These shows are open to everyone, but if you are lucky, you can get a seat to see the show. Just a nice addition since you normally have to get there quite early to be able to see the show properly.

So the other day Westfield sent out an email offering tickets to the show. I jumped on it. My sister and I went along, and got front row seats. Woo hoo! And a great goodie bag!

The show started with Donny Galella checking a few audience members to determine their body shape. Westfield has a new Body Shape Calculator. You can enter your measurements into the boxes and it determines your body shape - fantastic!

Next came Gok. Well he was fantastic. He is an absolute natural, and so funny. Now I am a Gok fan. A number of audience members were made over during the hour long show. And I will be finding out how I can see his TV show without having to sign up to Pay TV.
I will just say, sorry for the very average photos. The bright white screens at the back of the stage made it difficult to take good photos from the where I was sitting.


lamina @ do a bit said...

I LOVE Gok too... he's so cool! :)

I'm doing blogtoberfest too!!!

Cass said...

Love, love, love Gok. I'm so disappointed I missed him