Sunday, 17 July 2011

So, it has been a while

I have lots to blog, but will start slowly. I haven't been doing a LOT, but I have been sewing. It is more just school, and a stint of work through June, and now school holidays that has been holding me back. I envy those people that have even one day a week break from the kids. Unfortunately I do not. So any sewing is squeezed in here and there.
And while my lovely daughter is pretty easy, she has pretty much stopped napping..... from 2 hour naps to nothing, just like that. Of course, afternoons are 'difficult' as she is extra whingey and clingy now. Oh well, it will pass in time. And fingers crossed we can get a place for her to attend preschool next year.

In the mean time, I will blog just one of my sewing projects.

The pattern is from Wink Designs. I won a copy of this pattern at Sew It Together, and got to speak to Marina as she worked on her very pretty hexagons.

A month or so ago I realised that Layla had lots of summer dresses, but no winter dresses. She had been living in jeans. And really, who wouldn't in this very cold Sydney winter that we had been experiencing. But really, she did need a dress. I had purchased a few 'stock' fabrics (ones that I had no immediate plans for but I knew would come in handy) from The Fabric Store. For this dress I used 2 denim weight fabrics, which was fine for the dress, but impossible when it came to using it for the ties. I used ribbon for the ties instead.

I realised that I only photographed one side of this dress. I will put up a photo of the reverse at a later date, if I get one. I have a feeling the spotty side will be our favourite.

Please take note of the gorgeous clip (which goes so well with this dress) made by Natalie. Thank you again Natalie.


Little Munchkins said...

That is a cute dress! The fabric is really sweet and pretty.

I have a similar pattern to that which I cut out last year in purple cord but never sewed it up. Seeing your dress makes me think I should dig it out and see if it might still fit Munchkin.

littlebetty said...

Lucky people with days of sewing without the kids? I'm not sure who you could be talking about! who are these crazy people??

Good to see you back. You'll have to blog your Tova too. Use the camera auto timer balanced on the kitchen table or something.

Marina said...

The dress is so sweet and so is your little girl Belinda. It's always fun to see different interpretations of the pattern!

ingrid said...

Love the dress - it's so sweet.
You are scaring me with your talk of no naps though. I do enforced napping until at least age 4 and Kitty better comply with that or there will be tears - from me!