Sunday, 24 July 2011

Guerilla Knitting

In June, I escaped my kids for the first night ever..... yes, my first night away from my kids in 6 years (not including the night I spent in hospital in labour with baby no. 2). I attended a wedding for my cousin in Townsville. It was a quick trip..... just one night away, with a wedding and reception and family breakfast the next day. But it was so wonderful to thaw out. The weather in Sydney at that stage had been COLD. COLD and WINDY. The horrible rains hadn't started at that stage. But the cold was more than I can handle. Townsville was about 24'C and warmer in the afternoon sun.

On the walk from the hotel to the wedding reception I noticed a fancy tree - one that had been attacked guerilla knitting style.

Now, as we live about 15 minutes drive inland, we never see the sun rise over the ocean. Perhaps if I could get out of bed early enough, I would see it. But in Townsville, we stayed right across from the water. It was the most amazing thing to wake up to the sunrise. My sister and I shared a room, and I even asked her if I could take the single bed as it meant that I could open the curtain in the morning and lay in bed watching the sunrise, lol.

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tartankiwi said...

Wow! That sunrise looks amazing! I'd love to come across some guerilla knitting, such fun...