Thursday, 25 March 2010

Erica B's Question.....

I am a little embarrassed that a question I posed to Erica Bunker ended up becoming the topic for her latest blog post. I have been following Erica's blog for a few years now. She makes amazing clothes using commercial patterns and adjusting them to fit herself perfectly. Very stylish indeed.

I asked Erica what she wore day to day, and of course she wears all the lovely clothes she makes. But I guess my lifestyle at the moment (stay at home Mum to 2 little ones) just wouldn't 'pull-off' the style of clothes Erica is making. Not to say that I don't have nice clothes, because I do. Some purchased and some made. As much as I haven't been blogging the clothes that I have been making lately, I have been sewing a bit over this past Summer. These last few months I have made a maxi dress, another short 'going out' dress, a Shearwater Kaftan, another loose top. And all of them are in high rotation in my wardrobe (which is very satisfying).

My motivation for sewing my own clothes recently has been a lack of $$ since having Layla. And since I don't think I will be returning to work in the near future, I will continue to sew where I can.

If only I could source 'decent' dress fabrics for womenswear for a reasonable price. There are a couple of places that I like to shop in Sydney, but sometimes it is impossible to find fabric that is 'just right', that won't break the bank. And I do one day aspire to exhibit some style on a daily basis, rather than just on special occasions. Thank you Erica for giving me something to work towards.

And just a pic of the 'focus' of my life at the moment..... normally there are some grubby hands to mess up my clothes, but they are looking their best here.....

Photos courtesy of Tindale Images


Anonymous said...

Mmm Belinda I can understand your desire to have some style daily, it feels almost impossible at the moment but one day we'll get there (maybe). And as for your sewing, the clothes you make are beautiful, loved your maxi dress that you made, it looks fantastic on you and better than anything store bought! Renae :-)

ingrid said...

Wow, you have been very busy. I have great aspirations to one day sew my own clothes but somehow it just never happens. I think I am daunted by sewing big things when little baby size things are so much easier. So well done to you! It must be a great feeling wearing things you have made yourself.

And the kids are adorable! They have grown so much!

Damaris said...

your kids are too cute. I love the idea of sewing and am obsesed with the blog called MADE, but in reality I can't sew. boo!

Tanya said...

HI Belinda, thanks heaps for visiting my blog and leaving my a comment to read- I know what you mean about back to the shops! New fabric can be so much more appealing!

Belinda said...

In response to your to start one!

But really you should try for the Sunday craft day...I think it's going to be the 27th of June at Lilyfield.

Email me and I let you know more details as it gets closer.

Belinda said...

I just had a thought - I think Kirsten Doran has started one over your way. Maybe you could join them!

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