Thursday, 8 March 2012

Long Time - No Blog

Poor neglected blog. Very neglected house.

Put it down to settling in back at school and dancing and little girl starting preschool (a surprisingly traumatic event for the little one). Hence my child-free days are in fact child-free 4 hour blocks. Sounds great, but it goes in a flash. My plans for getting my first facial in 6 years still haven't happened. A few Dr's appointments have. And a tiny bit of sewing.

I have finally uploaded a few pictures from my camera......

The kids happy that Dad started work late so he could see Layla off to preschool for her first day.
Layla's first day of preschool..... the smile didn't last long, and hasn't been seen on preschool days since :(
James' first day of Year 1. It has been a bit of a leap since he is in a 1/2 class this year. He can handle it, not sure if I can though.
Some sewing..... Layla in her 'Christmas Dress' - Modkid Kyoko pattern
After seeing this skirt on Karen's blog I knew I had to make it. Of course that would first require purchasing a Ruffler foot, and a Jelly Roll, and some other fabric and ribbon. I used elastic from my stash though, lol. And, a very special crocheted rid-rac made by Christy that she gave me as a gift. I had been saving this for a special project...... it was in my possession for over a year. I totally love it on this skirt. So glad I saved it for the perfect project. Thanks Christy!

And finally, this dress was made using the Favourite Things - Little Wrap Dress pattern. I love it. I used this fabric from my stash..... one that despite having 1000000 pinks in my stash, this print just didn't seem to go with anything else. Very happy that I have been able to use it on its own.
I picked this pattern up on a trip to Berry while visiting the Sew and Tell store. It was my first visit to the store and was in heaven.


littlebetty said...


Karen said...

Lovely to 'hear' from you!
Aren't they easy with a ruffler foot - you will be hooked on making them in no time.
i love that last dress to Belinda - must look that pattern up it's very sweet.
I hope the pre-school thing improves - or has already!

Anne (I should be sleeping) said...

I hear you on the preschool transition- my mr3yo was loving it, now 'wants to be at home and not sad' :(
Loving the sewing pics :)