Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Sew It Together - Part 2

Dinner on Saturday night at Sew It Together was at The Heritage Belgian Beer Cafe in The Rocks....... YUM!

Karen and I

Ingrid, Helen and Cass

Pork Belly

Chicken dish (which looked delicious)



Cass said...

Great photos I might have to get you to email the one with me in, thanks

ingrid said...

hehehe, just look at that pork belly! After showing dh the pic, I have had to promise him a birthday dinner there!

Little Munchkins said...

Oh my, all that yummy food! Next time I am up in Sydney, I must try to go there.

By the way, are you wearing something you sewed? It looks familiar...

Karen said...

Great company and great food - I really enjoyed chatting over dinner Belinda.
No-one would believe the size of the meals without those pics!

Anonymous said...

Hi Belinda, it was great to see and catch up with you again, especially at dinner! All those photos are making me crave some more mussels! Peta