Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Countdown to Christmas

Well, my husband decided to put the Christmas tree up early this year. Apparently the tree lighting in Martin Place means our tree can go up. Using his theory, we could probably start putting up decorations in October. I should explain that he did not grow up in Australia, or really celebrate Christmas growing up. For the first 6 years or so that we were together he would ask the same question every year.... "Which day do we have to give presents?". I think he 'gets' the present thing now, as I am sure he hears me answering the same question from James.

The tree going up definitely put the wind up me though...... so much to do, so little time.
First up, I needed to finish the stocking for Layla.

Then I finished some Christmas bunting.

And a dress for Layla (although this is not the official photograph, just a happy snap that Alex took).

After all that I needed to sew something for myself (I get selfish like that). A dress. Yet to be photographed.

Finally, I thought I would add in a picture of a drawing that my husband completed. It will be going to a family member for a Christmas present. Apparently the pencils he is using aren't the 'right' pencils though, so he is getting new pencils for Christmas.

The next few weeks are going to be a sewing frenzy. I have completed some Christmas presents, but still have a long way to go.


littlebetty said...

I'm looking forward to the frenzy - can't wait to see the dress and the bunting is so cool. Must add some to my list.

MY SPACE said...

Wow, your husband is very talented!

Trish said...

Oh the stockings and bunting are lovely, so is the little dress you have been busy. DH's is a talented artist too your children will be able to do everything with parents like you guys.

I should be sleeping said...

I love your bunting! Have left it too late to make mine for this year but I might do it in the January post-Christmas lull so it's ready for next year.
Am very impressed by your husband's not-the-right-pencils drawing- am hoping we'll see what he can do when he does have the right pencils!

Anonymous said...

wow alex you are one clever lad.. and belinda nice to read up on what you're family has been up to.. been ages since i've been on here.. been slack.. sorry...... Tanya