Friday, 9 July 2010

I do sew....

First up, James asked me to make him a new hat as his old one (that I made) is getting too small. It is true. However he does have another 6 or so caps to choose from, I am not sure just how necessary it was...... oh well, it is always nice to think your children value the sewing you do.

This hat was made using the Make it Perfect pattern.
Please excuse the face....

As a contrast, this is the cap that Layla is fond of at the moment (preferably worn backwards).

And finally, some PJ pants for James. Did he really need them? No. Did he ask for them? No. I was just keen to use the Michael Miller flannelette fabric before he was too tall for the 0.5m piece of fabric I had in my stash.

There has been plenty more going on here, but I think I will spread it out over a few posts. Coming up, The Craft Room meet, a scarf, some bunting, the start of a single bed quilt, clothes for me (multiples)...... stay tuned.

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tigerfilly said...

Now that is a very cool hat!