Sunday, 13 June 2010

Eeeekkkkkk...... feeling a little bit special

My Mother-in-Law just returned from a trip to Europe. It was a whirlwind tour, but she made the most of it.
On her return, she presented me with this.....

She said it was for my birthday, Christmas, etc etc. I was getting a little bit excited.

So I opened up the protective bag and found this....

Pictures are bad, but it is a Christian Dior Black Patent New Lock bag. Not something I would ever buy for myself (well $$$ may have been an issue) but for some reason I love it. I have no idea when I will use it. But I will use it. My Sister-in-Law was given another bag from the range - equally as nice.

A lot of thoughts have been running through my head since my Mother-in-Law gave me the bag. It might sound strange, but I feel as though I am truly accepted into the family. I have been feeling this more and more over the past couple of years. It is hard to marry into any family I am sure, but is especially hard to marry into a Chinese family. Although my Mother-in-Law has never said so, I am sure she would have preferred that her son marry a Chinese girl, rather than a loud-ish Australian. She only has one daughter, so it is often difficult as the Daughter-in-Law to feel as valued as the daughter of the family. But I have been noticing the last few years that my sister-in-law and I are always given very similar presents. We are really treated equally.

Expensive gifts are not important to me, but I guess it is what is symbolises that is important to me.

She also gave me a Longchamp bag (which I did use today)..... I love it.


ingrid said...

Lucky you! That is very special and the way it makes you feel is the most important part.
I think it is gorgeous.

Corrie said...

ohhhh you yummy mummy you! take it everywhere! I now use my good bags all the time otherwise they are sitting in their protective bags at the top of my wardrobe!

well if keira's interview was based on today we're in! priest knows us and it wasn't really an interview just a chat so a big relief and most people he meets today he doesn't know and has to take photos of them but he sees us at church so fingers crossed - we just have to overcome the born in may thing!!!! is james off next year too????


Leona @ said...

What a cool a mother-n-law you have! I think its rare for a mother-n-law to get super awesome gifts like a dior bag! She's definitely showing lots of love right there.