Friday, 29 January 2010

The Wonderful Cheekybeaks Giveaway

I was over the moon to find out that I had won the fantastic giveaway that Kristen (now found at Kristen Doran Design) had on her blog before Christmas. I first met Kristen about 2 years ago at a little local market that we were both at. She is a lovely person who just happens to be extremely talented as well. I found out that I had won on a day when we were told that our computer needed replacing, just before Christmas, so I was a little down..... it certainly turned my mood around!

Finally I can post pictures of what I was lucky enough to receive from Kristen. When the package arrived all the little bits seemed to be scattered all around the house. James claimed a toy soldier, the tea towel went straight to the kitchen, the advent calender went to the sewing machine, and was then hung in the playroom, and the table runner went straight to the coffee table (oh and a soldier went to a friend who had a baby boy). So it has taken me a while to gather everything back up again, wash the teatowel etc. But here is it. Oh, there are a couple of things still missing from the picture (a magnet, postcards, gift tags etc)

The Table Runner

Tea Towel

Advent Calender


Little Stuffed Toys

Thank you again Kristen!

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Lisa said...

What a fantastic haul! Lucky lady