Sunday, 2 March 2008

Sewing Again.....

We had a wedding to go to today, and James and I had nothing to wear..... I say that every time I have a wedding to go to. I also have a cupboard full of suitable 'wedding' clothes.

But I really did need a new dress as I have put on a bit of weight lately. I don't want to dwell on that, I just want to show you the dress that I made. No pattern. Fabric from Tessuti's. Overall effect was OK.

I also made some pants for James to wear. The pattern was from Ottobre (the latest edition I think). Fabric from Tessuti's. Overall effect: he looked gorgeous!

And a picture of James playing with Lucas....the gorgeous son of the Bride and Groom.


Cass said...

Belinda the dress looks gorgeous. James looks very cute as usual

Little Munchkins said...

You look great in that dress. James looks so grown up too, all dressed up and looking so cute.

Corrie said...

oh I love it!and james looks like a real little boy doesn't he

well done on making both outfits...I'm going to need some help if i'm having a boy or boys!