Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Multicultural Day

And finally a picture to show you what we did today.....

James' daycare held a Multicultural day. He was dressed as a little Chinese boy/man (we picked up the outfit in Shanghai earlier this year). It is funny because whenever we ask him lately, "Are you Chinese?" he says, "Nooooo, no I not".
We had to take a platter of food each related to our cultural backgrounds. I made Anzac biscuits and had some Dutch Speculaas biscuits too. Well I am not Chinese, am I???


Little Munchkins said...

Too cute! We have some of those chinese clothes too and DD even has a Cheongsam.

Cass said...

Very,very cute

Corrie said...

oh so cute! he looks so much like alex!!!!!!

you could have taken fortune cookies!!!! just kidding those biccies sound yummy and no you are not chinese!


ingrid said...

Awwww, he looks gorgeous Belinda!
And I love speculaas. Yum yum.