Sunday, 22 April 2007

A Scarf and Some Very Special Fabric

I have finished my crocheted scarf.......I love it. It is so soft, and the colours look great. I had to undo it a few times as I kept losing stitched and then picking them up. I know where I went wrong, but I still have no idea how to correct it for next time. However, I think that once the scarf is sitting around my neck this winter, noone will even notice.

I also have to post pictures of the Signature Prints Florence Broadhurst fabric we picked up at the warehouse sale on the weekend. These fabric are destined for cushion covers (probably later this year), possibly a cover for a pinboard (for the study), and some bag (desperately wanting to use my new Amy Butler patterns from Corrie).


ingrid said...

Oh these are all lovely. That scarf looks so snuggly and the colours are beautiful!
The fabrics are pretty special too. I love the cranes.

Cass said...

Great job on the scarf and those fabrics look great. Wish I had gone now

Suz said...

Cranes! So that's what they are. That's my favourite - just beautiful.

mariannealice said...

The scarf looks just wonderful- and I can't wait to see what you make from that gorgeous fabric!

Corrie said...

love the scarf and fabric!

trick to anzac cookies is slow oven!!!! 150 degrees and no more!